European Network of Migrant Women

European Network of Migrant Women

who we are

We are visionary, proactive
and bold.

We prioritise migrant women
and girls.

European Network of Migrant Women is a migrant-women-led feminist, secular, non-partisan platform that advocates for the rights, freedoms and dignity of migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women and girls in Europe. 

Our diverse membership includes the women from almost all the regions of the globe and extends to over 50 grassroots and advocacy groups in over 20 European countries.

Established in 2012, European Network of Migrant Women works through collaborative actions with our members - organisations, groups and individual migrant feminists - promoting capacity-building, access to rights and justice and self-representation among migrant and refugee women at the European and international level. Collectively, we foster a safe-space where girls and women of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds can come together to support each other, forge alliances and build solidarity across differences and borders.


Mothers of the World is an animated short video, produced by the European Network of Migrant Women and directed by the film-maker Vaishnavi Sundar. It is inspired by the stories of five migrant & refugee mothers from Afghanistan, Somalia, Ukraine, Philippines and Turkey.

This 20-minute animation presents a series of portraits of the women who took difficult journeys into Europe, their quest for safety, security and stability for themselves and their children, their daily struggles and the courage and wisdom with which they deal with the new challenges in Europe. It concludes with the policy recommendations to improve the lives of refugee and migrant mothers in Europe. 

The video is narrated in the original languages of migrant women portrayed in the film and is available with English, Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Russian subtitles on Youtube. (use the settings icon to select your preferred subtitle language)

For the video Mères du Monde with French subtitles please follow this link.

Mothers of the World was produced in 2023 as part of the Mums@Work project co-funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).


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