European Network of Migrant Women

European Network of Migrant Women

who we are

We are visionary, proactive
and bold.

We prioritise migrant women
and girls.

European Network of Migrant Women is a migrant-women-led feminist, secular, non-partisan platform that advocates for the rights, freedoms and dignity of migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women and girls in Europe. 

Our diverse membership includes the women from almost all the regions of the globe and extends to over 50 grassroots and advocacy groups in over 20 European countries.

Established in 2012, European Network of Migrant Women works through collaborative actions with our members - organisations, groups and individual migrant feminists - promoting capacity-building, access to rights and justice and self-representation among migrant and refugee women at the European and international level. Collectively, we foster a safe-space where girls and women of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds can come together to support each other, forge alliances and build solidarity across differences and borders.

Mums at Work is a European project promoting migrant mothers' access to employment and strengthening their labour integration and rights. In Europe, mothers who are migrant and refugees, suffer serious barriers in the job market compared to both migrant men and women of European origin, due to the lack of social networks, child-care, deskilling and external and internal discrimination. As a result, many of these women live in - and at constant risk of - poverty and social isolation. Through Mums@Work project a group of nearly 100 migrant mothers receive support to enter paid employment in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Cyprus and Netherlands. The action also creates an European awareness raising campaign on the rights of migrant mothers.

latest news

We are recruiting! AGENCY: Promoting Migrant Women’s Political Engagement    We are filling 2 positions for our most recent project AGENCY: Vote With Her, for the period going from February …

AGENCY: Vote With Her

NEW YEAR – NEW ACTION !  We believe that women’s active political participation is crucial for creating and sustaining egalitarian and  democratic societies. Where women are excluded from decision-making, politics, …

In the frameworks of the FORUM project, European Network of Migrant Women is happy to share the “For an Equal Europe for All: Migrant Women Rights are Human Rights” Policy Brief. The …

Let Her Learn !

Let Her Learn ! The Taliban has banned women’s public education in Afghanistan. 24 January the world celebrated the International Day of Education, when over 19 million women and girls …

On 1 January we held the 1st Twitter Space to hear from our Afghan women members and guests about the 500 days of the Taliban rule and the impact it …

500 Days of Oppression

500 Days of Oppression 28 December 2022 marked 500 days since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. What do these 500 days mean for the Afghan women and girls …

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