European Network of Migrant Women

Report Launch: Migrant Women's Mental Health and Wellbeing

7 October 2021

European Network of Migrant Women is happy to share our new report on the Mental Health of Migrant and Refugee Women and Girls, available in English and French, that we created collaboratively with our member organisations, individual migrant women, experts working with and for migrant women.

While preparing this report we came across a serious lack of data on migrant women accessing health services and, specifically, mental health services in different European countries. We are therefore aiming to publish this report as a door opener for a more comprehensive research and data collection (both qualitative and quantitative) on the mental health of migrant women in Europe.

The report provides a synopsis of

- Different experiences of migrant and refugee women and professionals working with migrant women;
- A summary of different mental health factors that can trigger mental illness;
- A snapshot of challenges and root-causes which have a particularly grave impact on the wellbeing of migrant women;
- Barriers to accessing health and mental health services;
- Useful approaches for addressing migrant women’s needs in relation to mental health and wellbeing.