European Network of Migrant Women

We are pleased to present the ENoMW ambassador for the WorlPlaces project, a project led by Progetto Quid in which we partnered in very recently, Alyssa Ahrabare! In this International Day for Women’s Rights, we ask Alyssa what she does to value female talent and what she wants to pass on, in her career path, to the generations to come. 

I’m Alyssa Ahrabare, 27 year old French feminist activist of African descent. I was born in Toulouse (South-West of France), my mother was born in Algeria and my father in Morocco. I studied International and European Law with a focus on human rights and fundamental liberties.

Currently, I am Project Officer of the European Network of Migrant Women. We advocate for migrant women’s rights at European level, conduct European projects for migrant women’s integration and against trafficking, we organize to give support to women in crisis zones and we build connections with our member organisations (grassroot service providers working with migrant women across Europe). I really enjoy this work that I find meaningful and impactful. The missions are very diverse, two days are never the same which is really enriching!

In the work I do everyday, valuing and prioritizing women, their talents, their stories, their visions is my main focus. I enjoy creating safe spaces of expression where women can acknowledge and share their common experience and build sisterhood. Creating a sense of belonging, emotional support and a healing environment, working slowly and patiently with women, taking into consideration their backgrounds, allowing them to speak at length in order to identify their fears and concerns, all of these participate in building connections and allowing everyone to achieve their full potential. In addition, promoting actions, inventions, achievements and creations from women of all backgrounds contributes to giving role models to girls and young women and, therefore, building their capacity to reach their goals. 

During my career path, I met a lot of women who inspired and trusted me. This helped me grow and learn alongside them and gave me opportunities to become who I am today. I aspire to be this person to others: providing support and inspiration but also give the space for women to come up with their own paths and solutions. Open communication, respect, honesty, understanding and trust are, in my opinion, the basis of a fulfilling professional relationship. This is what I try to uphold in my relationships with colleagues, coordinators and the people I mentor. #Worldplaces #MigrationEU #AMIF

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