European Network of Migrant Women

Staff & Volunteers

Anna Zobnina - Policy Coordinator

Born in St.Petersburg, Russia, Anna has over 10 years of experience in the area of feminist analysis of male violence & discrimination against migrant women with a specific focus on migrant and refugee women, sexual and reproductive exploitation and domestic work.  anna[at]

Adriana S. Thiago - Communications Officer

Adriana is a Portuguese-Brazilian feminist. Her main areas of interest is the movement against prostitution, pornography and other kinds of sexual exploitation of women and girls. She also volunteers for the organisation isala, an grassroots abolitionist organisation in Belgium that strives for the support of women and for their exit out of prostitution. In the ENoMW, Adriana is in charge of Communications.  adriana[at]

Alyssa Ahrabare - Project Officer

Alyssa is a French feminist of Moroccan-Algerian origin. With MA in International Law and Fundamental Liberties, she is a consultant on women human rights, a spokeswoman for Osez le Féminisme! (“Dare to Be Feminist”) and a co-organiser of ENoMW’s young women’s group, Radical Girlsss. She also founded a theatre company which uses art to promote equality between women and men. alyssa[at]

Frohar Poya - Project Officer

Frohar is an experienced migration researcher and oral historian. With MA in  Cross-Cultural Psychology and Community Oral History, she has led refugee research projects in the UK, and worked for the EU including as Migrant and Refugee Communities Oral History Trainer.  She has worked with women victims of domestic violence and developed trainings on women’a rights for NGOs in Afghanistan. frohar[at]

Lue Yang - Volunteer

Lue Yang, was born in Yanji, China, and is living in Berlin, Germany. She has a MA degree in Culture and Religion. Her interests are women’s rights, gender equality, women’s empowerment, and also feminicidal violence. lue[at]

Lucia Anna Demény - Volunteer

Lucia is Hungarian Human Rights Advocate and Communications Expert. She works as a Senior Communications Specialist and has expertise in intercultural and non-violent communication, value driven digital marketing and social journalism. Her main areas of interest are refugee women’s and indigenous rights and she has collaborated with several international NGOs focusing on migrant and minority rights. She is currently developing her project for refugee women, which is based on the women circle structure lucia[at]

Past Team Members

Thank you for your collaboration !

Rosa Gonzalez | Malak Bouhlal | Alena Oleinik | Sinem Yilmaz | Wilma Middendorf | Margherita Fabbrini | Sodfa Daaji | Juliana Jimenez Ledesma | Asha Allen | Alexandra Kusnierkiewicz | Maha Elkheir | Nicoleta Ursescu | Augusta Nannerini | Pamela Palma Zapata | Ioanna Tsetika | Maria Bondarenko

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