European Network of Migrant Women

Our mission

We are here because we have to. If migrant women themselves do not advocate for their rights – no one will.

Our story

European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW) was formalised as an AISBL (International Non-Profit Association) in Belgium in 2012. Prior to this a number of migrant women organisations, who eventually became the founding members of the network, had already forged partnerships and voiced the need for a formal structure that would support, visibalise and promote the specific concerns and rights of migrant women at the European level.

Eventually, we were able to develop into an autonomous, self-reliant and clearly defined organisaton, with an ambitious mission to transform the world into a place where migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women do not only act as recepients of help but decision-makers and leaders, fully in charge of their own lives.

Since then we have been strengthening our political presence, our advocacy and our membership. We have executed projects and activities, organised events, seminar and workshops, published reports and position papers. Most importantly we have created a space for migrant, refugee and ethnic minority girls with the feminist vision to find each other, come together and find ground for collaborative work across our differences.

Our members create safe spaces for the most discriminated against persons in our societies - migrant and refugee girls and women. Where they come to heal, exchange, learn and co-create their own lives and stories.

Our members

Our members are the reason this network exists. They come from different parts of the world: from Asia through Africa and the Arab world to Latin America, as well as the intra-European migrants, they represent a unique cultural richness of women's global struggle for economic, political, physical freedom. We have over 50 member organisations in 23 European States.

Our membership ranges from grassroots service providers to NGOs focused on advocacy and research. They cover a diverse range of subjects in the area of human rights of migrant & refugee women, with economic empowerment, anti-discrimination & access to justice and combatting Male Violence against Women and Girls, being the most frequent activities.

Our member organisations run shelters and hot-lines for migrant women. They provide psychological and legal assistance. They execute educational programmes and campaigns. They protest, disrupt and challenge power. They also research, publicise and lobby within local and national institutions.

We want equal rights and fair treatment for migrant and refugee women and girls of different ethnic backgrounds living in Europe - free from violence, oppression and discrimination.​

Our mission

Promote equal treatment, equal rights and better integration for migrant women in Europe.

Provide regular input on all areas of EU policy development and implementation that have an impact on migrant women’s lives.

Help shape social policies and design action programmes addressing migrant women’s specific needs.

Represent member’s organisations and lobby for and with migrant women to have a stronger voice at the international, European and state level.

Support and empower migrant women organisations and movements through training, resources and collobarative actions.

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