European Network of Migrant Women

Full membership

Eligibility Criteria

Mission & Objectives

The primary objectives and activities of the organisation must be relevant and targeting migrant women and working on key areas (such as violence against women and girls, employment, health, fundamental rights, access to justice, services and resources, access to education, access of asylum, etc


The organisation must be either not-for-profit organization or, if profit-generating, must be a “community serving” organisation. It must be a legally registered entity, with a registered constitution and registered address


The organization must be located in Europe


The organisation must be an independent and legally discrete body, not a subgroup, a project or activity of another organisation, nor an organisation managing a project with a limited life span


The organisation must be able to demonstrate a substantial level of activity in promoting its aims and objectives over a period of at least 12 months prior to application for membership


The organisation must demonstrate what unique contribution it can bring to the network


AGM attendance

The right to attend Annual General Meetings of ENoMW


The right to vote in the General Assembly of ENoMW

Board representation

The right to have its nominated representative running and being elected on the Board of the ENoMW



The obligation to accept and adhere to ENOMW Mission & Values


The obligation to submit the annual fee in accordance with its annual budget not later than 1 March each year.

Active membership

The obligation to engage in active membership and commit to contributing to the network’s activities

Annual Fees

Euro 50 

If the organization’s annual income is below Euro 100.000

Euro 100

If the organization’s annual income is below Euro 500.000

Euro 200

If the organization’s annual income is above Euro 500.000

Application procedure

All applications must be submitted through the form below with the following documents

Statutes / Certificate of Registration

Annual activities / Financial Report

A reference letter from another NGO / Network

Any application for full membership will be first reviewed by ENoMW Board and further approved by the General Assembly

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