European Network of Migrant Women


Exciting news! Our AGENCY event which took place on November 28th 2023 at the European Parliament was a success! We orchestrated a compelling experience by bringing 30 change makers from the AGENCY project to Brussels. This unique opportunity allowed them to witness firsthand the practical application of concepts covered during the training. We notably visited the LIBE Committee, where MEPs (members of the European Parliament) discuss issues directly affecting migrant women. Participants found it eye-opening, challenging the notion of a political "bubble". The AGENCY project and this event are all in preparation of the European Parliament elections in 2024.

Our first panel brought together inspiring locally elected women from diverse backgrounds. They shared their journeys, highlighting challenges faced by women and migrant women in politics and showcasing concrete actions taken to support migrant women and victims of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

We also had with us MEPs who expressed their backing and emphasised the significance of our network. The event was significant as we gathered a diverse group of migrant women, coached them to maximise their potential and created a supporting space for critical expression, challenging perspectives, and sharing statements.

Throughout the year, we've been dedicated to supporting and building the capacity of the AGENCY change-makers. On November 28th, we showcased their impactful work—photos taken for political campaigns in the 2024 European election. This visual representation underscored the importance of self-representation, a core aspect of our mission.

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