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  10 December 2018, Brussels 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has been accompanied by various activities around different human rights-related themes. The Declaration consists of 30 articles and was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948. Since then, Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on 10 December every year. As a major milestone in the effort to provide human rights protection to all human beings irrespective of nationality, sex, ethnic origin, religion, race and legal status, the Declaration served as a model for international human rights treaties around the world.  While we celebrate human rights day, it is also high time to ask whose human rights are guaranteed and under which conditions migrant, refugee and asylum seeking women and girls ‘enjoy’ their fundamental human rights.  Although universal in spirit, state-centred nature of human rights treaties allows […]


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You are warmly invited to a seminar on Tuesday 22nd of May, 9:00-12:00, in room A7F387, European Parliament, Brussels, organised jointly by the Culture Project, the European Network of Migrant Women, and the Coppieters Foundation. The seminar will bring together experts and activists from around Europe to critically examine the intersection between the different forms of fundamentalism and the neoliberal agenda, and its impact on the collective rights of women and minorities in Europe. Please see more details below. Inquiries:   COLLUSION OF FUNDAMENTALISM & NEO-LIBERALISM: ITS IMPACT ON WOMEN AND MINORITY RIGHTS BACKGROUND: The last two decades have witnessed a rapid rise of fundamentalism, the far right, and other extremist, even violent, movements across the globe. From the USA and the UK, to Russia, Turkey, and Poland, the extremist organisations driven by radical religious and nationalist ideologies, have been jeopardising the rights of women, sexual minorities, and migrants. These movements […]


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NOURA HUSSEIN HAMMAD 19 y.o. SUDAN SURVIVOR of  CHILD & FORCED MARRIAGE HONOUR BASED VIOLENCE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RAPE RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE DEFENDED HER LIFE & DIGNITY SENTENCED TO DEATH on 10 May 2018 DEATH SENTENCE OVERTURNED on 26 June 2018     Brussels, Sunday 13 May 2018 Contact: and Twitter: @Sodfadaaji @badreldins @AfrikaYM @ENOMW @EqualityNow Petitions: Avvaz &   On 10 May 2018 Sudanese court OMDURMAN KHARTOUM, governed by the Sharia Law of Sudan, issued a death sentence, by hanging, to Noura Hussein for killing the man to whom she was forcibly married while defending herself against rape and sexual abuse at his hands.  Noura Hussein was forcibly married off at the age of 16 years and was subjected to sexual and physical violence by her “husband”. In self-defense, Noura killed her “husband” after he attempted to rape her, yet again after having raped her while she was held down […]


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  Copenhagen, 24-25 November To mark the 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender Based Violence we went to Copenhagen where, together with our Danish member Women Refugee Route (WRR), we organised a public event “Security and Tradition OR Violence against Women? Istanbul Convention and the Universal Rights of Female Migrants“. Our event also coincided with the publication of GREVIO Evaluation Report on Denmark  released on 24 November, with one of the shadow rapporteurs to the GREVIO Committee as one of the panelist.   Why Denmark?  Why Istanbul Convention?  Why Migrant Women?                   Denmark is known as one of the most progressive states in Europe. Not accidentally, the Business Insider ranks Denmark as “the second best country for women to live in”. But how accurate is this ranking and what factors do we consider when we name a place “best” for women?


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WOMEN RIGHTS IN TURBULENT TIMES Brussels, 20-21 November European Network of Migrant Women took part in the 2017 EU Colloquium on Fundamental Rights that was held in Brussels under the patronage of EC Vice-President Mr France Timmermans and this year was dedicated to the Rights of Women. The event brought together several hundreds of legal experts, activists, academics and specialist service providers in the area of women’s rights, gender equality and violence against women. DAY 1 Following the opening speeches that included a very powerful presentation by the prominent UK historian Mary Beard, who emphasized the pervasive tradition of attacking women’s free speech and self-expression in Europe, the floor was open to the participants through a series of thematic discussions covering a range of subjects: from women in decision-making, economy, employment and science to violence against women.     “It is important to understand how deeply silencing of women is […]

SECURITY & TRADITION OR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN? Istanbul Convention and the Universal Rights of Female Migrants / Copenhagen 24.11.2017

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We are pleased to invite you to Copenhagen to our event SECURITY & TRADITION OR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN? Istanbul Convention and the Universal Rights of Female Migrants that will take place in Copenhagen on 24th of November. The panel is organized together with our Danish member Women Refugee Route.   RSVP: Eventbrite Event Details: Across the world man-made and natural disasters, war and conflict are intensifying. Europe has responded to this by increasingly militarising borders and externalising migration management to countries and regimes that women and girls are trying to flee. For these women, the price of freedom and justice is now subject to multiple forms of male violence en route. Those who make it to Europe continue to face abuse and discrimination through their asylum process The few lucky ones who are granted refugee status are then confronted with labour and social exclusion, marginalising them from the outset. They […]