European Network of Migrant Women

Supporting Women and Girls Fleeing War in Ukraine

Over five million people have been forced to flee Ukraine because of the invasion by the Russian Federation's army. The vast majority of them are women and children, including mothers, girls, elderly and disabled women. Many of these women are victims of war atrocities, including sexual violence and rape.  Most of them have fled to Europe, with Poland taking the largest number of refugees. It is our duty to support and protect these women on the territories of EU member states.

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European Union

Resources and platforms from European Commission and its agencies

Equal Treatment of Ukrainian Refugees

Submission to EU Commissioner for Equality

Country Specific Resources

Information and resources for selected EU countries


Channels, groups and bots providing support to women fleeing Ukraine

Telegram Bot in Ukrainian providing information support for women leaving Ukraine and seeking support in European countries

Telegram channel (group) with over 2000 volunteers providing translation and interpretation services to/from multiple languages from/to Ukrainian and Russian

Multilingual website connecting verified hosts with those from fleeing Ukraine and seeking accommodation in different EU states

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