Across the European Union, migrant women encounter substantial barriers in accessing and retaining employment, enjoying as a result fewer opportunities for integration. On another hand, workplaces are formidable integration hubs; nonetheless, not every workplace is equally accessible to low-skilled migrant women. This results in exclusion from integration processes and work life. Leveragining on workplace-based best practices for integration, Worldplaces aims to bring together the public and non-profit sector with for-rofit employers in multi-stakeholder permanent local networks to bridge at once the integration and gender gaps.

This is why we are partnering in the WorldPlaces project, involving partners in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Austria and Germany, as well as European-wide organisations such as ours. Our collective goal is to promote better and more fulfilling integration of migrant women in the workplace. To do so, we will build a series of toolkits and conduct actions and workshops across Europe on different themes: engagement of migrant women, leadership, work-life balance, workplace based language and culture exchange, body and identity.

Our partners: