European Network of Migrant Women



Displaced women and girls face increased risks of multiple forms of violence due to a multitude of factors such as conflict, persecution, displacement and male violence – in their countries of origin, when transiting and in the destination countries.  

The MOVE project aims to end men’s violence against women and girls, including honour- related violence and oppression. It focuses on increasing the readiness and skills of both frontline professionals and of specialised perpetrator programme staff to effectively identify, refer and work with male perpetrators of male violencewith a migration background using a culturally sensitive approach.

The specific objectives of the MOVE project are:

– Improve the knowledge and skills of frontline professionals (social workers, doctors, psychologists etc..) in direct contact with potential male perpetrators in migration services, identifying resources and pathways available for dispatch of perpetrators and understanding of new practices and techniques developed in the aftermath of the pandemic.

– Increase the capacity of EU Perpetrator Program professionals to work effectively with male perpetrators with a migrant background, including in the post-context of COVID19

– Strengthen the engagement of key public institutions and stakeholders regarding the prevention and management of domestic violence in the context of migration

These objectives will be achieved through a targeted and multifaceted needs assessment to be conducted in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain with all relevant stakeholders; the development, testing and delivery of training for frontline professionals; the development, testing and delivery of capacity building programs for perpetrators and the engagement of public institutions and key services through the development of specific activities (roundtables, etc.) guidelines and recommendations.



The External Advisory Board supports and supervives the project partners in their activities and deliverables: 

  • Professor Marianne Hester, Affiliated Professor and leading researcher of gender-based violence at the University of Gothenburg, and Chair in Gender, Violence & International Policy at School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol
  • Elli Scambor, Institute for Masculinity Studies and Gender Research (VMG, Austria)


MOVE Project Launch, 31 March 2022


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