European Network of Migrant Women

"What Prostitution Hides" Campaign - Knowledge for Change

European Network of Migrant Women supports the “What Prostitution Hides” campaign, funded by the Fonds de solidarité pour les projets innovants, les sociétés civiles, la francophonie et le développement humain of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The campaign focuses on the main actors of the prostitution system, who are often hidde or invisible: sex buyers, pimps and traffickers. It explains how women suffer from a traumatisation process, exposes why it is so difficult to exit the system of prostitution and presents how international human rights law has solved the issue. 
With these materials, which we encourage you to share and disseminate, will allow for readers to understand and be able to explain to others the the realities of prostitution and what prostitution hides. It aims at being a material for societal change.

The sex buyer: his 'creation', buying prostitution and pornography

Pimps and traffickers: techniques they use to keep women in prostitution

Prostituted women: Trauma and traumatisation in the lives of two women

The prostitution system: Human Rights legislation to abolish the system

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