European Network of Migrant Women

European Commission's Proposal for the directive on combatting violence against women and domestic violence: ENoMW's Amendment Proposals

Last year, the European Commission launched a proposal for a new Directive, titled "Combating violence against women and domestic violence". This Directive lays down the rules to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. It also establishes minimum rules concerning: the definition of criminal offenses and penalities in the areas of sexual exploitation of women and children; the rights of victims before, during or after criminal proceedings; victims' protection and victims' support.

The proposed text is currently being debated among the different European Parliament's Committees and will be submitted to a vote towards the end of May. Afterwards, it will be debated and voted upon during the European Parliament plenary sessions in June.  The proposed text is a weak one in what concerns migrant women, especially undocumented migrant women,  and all the intersecting discriminations and forms of violence they face.

European Network of Migrant Women has been, for the last year, undertaking considerable analytical and legal work in order to make sure the final text represents a positive milestone for all women and girls in Europe in 2023.

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