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Let Her Learn !

The Taliban has banned women's public education in Afghanistan.

24 January the world celebrated the International Day of Education, when over 19 million women and girls in Afghanistan are being denied this basic human rights. We are collecting photos from women supporting the global #LetHerLearn campaign that we intend to present to the European politicians in the coming months. If you want to be a part of this public campaign please send us your #LetHerLearn photo at

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Since August 2021 the Taliban has violated the Afghan constitution and international human rights law. It broke its promises by engaging in systematic discrimination and violence against Afghan women.

Many Western politicians pay lip-service to Afghan women, while, in reality, they either take no position towards the Taliban , or have tacitly supported it through political negotiations, transactions and visits.

As a result, the Taliban acts with more and more impunity, being directly or indirectly validated and empowered by the world political leaders.

It is time the Western politicians take responsibility for their actions.

We demand justice for Afghan women.

We demand the end of war on Afghan girls.

We demand the end of empowering the terrorist group.

Afghan women are only victims because of the environment in which the Taliban and Taliban-like men continue to terrorise and victimise them, while the world is passively watching!

We demand the end of political negotiations with the Taliban.

We demand visas and refugee protection for Afghan women and girls.

We demand education and grants for Afghan girls and women around the world.

We demand humanitarian aid to be directed towards women of Afghanistan, by-passing the Taliban mediators and controllers.

We demand material and moral support to Afghan women activists who wish to remain in Afghanistan and fight for their rights.

We demand the world's condemnation of the Taliban's terrorist regime and disengagement from political negotiations with the Taliban leaders.

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