European Network of Migrant Women

WORLDPLACES: New Toolkit on Meaningful Engagement and Integration of Migrant Women

Across the European Union, migrant women encounter substantial barriers in accessing and retaining employment, enjoying as a result fewer opportunities for integration. Workplaces are formidable integration hubs; nonetheless, not every workplace is equally accessible to migrant women without formal education and skills. This results in exclusion from integration processes and work life. Leveragining on workplace-ba- sed best practices for integration, Worldplaces aims to bring together the public and non-profit sector with for-profit employers in multi-stakeholder permanent local ne- tworks to bridge the persisting discrimination against women of migrant backgrounds.

The WorldPlaces project involves partners in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Austria and Germany, as well as European-wide organizations such as the European Network of Migrant Women. The collective goal of the consortium is to promote better and more fulfilling integration of migrant women in the workplace. To do so, the project aims to build a series of toolkits and conduct actions and workshops across Europe on different themes: engagement of migrant women, leadership, work-life balance, workplace based language and culture exchange, body and identity.

The goal of this toolkit is to provide advice and good practices on the topic of meaningful engagement and integration of migrant women.

The pedagogical materials displayed have been tailored for the specific needs of the consortium of the WORLDPLACES project but can be applied by any organization providing services to or working at grassroot level with migrant, asylum seeking and refugee women and girls.

This toolkit focuses primarily on providing a methodology for activities regarding confidence building, body and identity and cultural heritage, as well as safe space building for women and girls of migrant background. By promoting a better understanding of the problems faced by migrant, asylum see- king and refugee women in Europe, by encouraging professionals to develop intercultural and feminist approaches, and by breaking down the prejudices about migrant women, this toolkit aims to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between different communities.

This toolkit was produced by Arab Women Solidarity Association (Belgium) in the framework of a transnational project funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and implemented by a partnership consortium comprising the lead partner Quid (Italy), the European Network of Migrant Women (EU wide), Impact Hub (EU wide), Speak (Portugal), Generation 2.0 (Greece), and University of Vigo (Spain).

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