European Network of Migrant Women

First Meeting of the European Advisory Board

On 29 July we held the first meeting of the European Advisory board that was formed to monitor, evaluate and advise the AMIF-funded project MUMS AT WORK.

The board consists of seven experts including six of ENOMW’s members and a representative of EU-wide platform.

Alicia Arbid, Arab Women Solidarity Association Belgium, Belgium
Chiara Parolin, Associazione Aura, Italy
Esohe Aghatise, Associazione IROKO Onlus, Italy
Selene Adame, Radicailin, Ireland
Selen Göbelez, individual member, France
Tinker Milona Wanji, Melissa Network, Greece

Eva Ledroit, Make Mothers Matter, EU 

We thank our project officer, Frohar Poya, for leading the process.

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