European Network of Migrant Women

Research Report

The centering of comprehensive gender mainstreaming strategies is critical in ensuring the political participation of migrant and refugee women and girls. It is essential in guaranteeing the full enjoyment of their human rights and achieving democracies that are representative. The report identifies the factors that hinder migrant and refugee women’s participation in international decision-making processes and provides recommendations inspired by practices which have shown to be meaningful and promising.

This report was led by four female graduate students, under the direction of a coordination team composed of members from the European Network of Migrant Women and the Sciences Po Gender Studies Programme, PRESAGE, in partnership with Women Forward International. For this study we brought together academic research and grassroot field action in order to build bridges, get a comprehensive view of the subject and therefore truly assess how to have a positive impact on young migrant women capacity and agency to engage in political participation. The data was gathered using a combination of qualitative research methods.

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