European Network of Migrant Women


European Network of Migrant Women has teamed up with our members in Por Ti Mujer and other human rights organisations in the campaign Internet is a Right. 

During the COVID19 confinement it became very clear there exists a deep digital divide between those have access to internet and are trained to use digital technologies and those who do not have such access. Among them are migrant and refugee women and girls, domestic and care workers, undocumented women, women with low income, elderly women and women disabilities. 

Our Network, with all our members, always knew about this divide but now, as Europe is coming out of COVID19 crisis that has impacted our jobs, health, rates of violence against women, discrimination and poverty, it is especially pertinent that any economic or social recovery measures address the existing digital  gap. Such measures should not deepen and exacerbate it. They should reduce and alleviate it. 

Internet is no longer a luxury but a right . It must be easily accessible, for any individual. 

With this campaign, #InternetIsARight #InternetEsUnDerecho  we aim to raise awareness of citizens, digital companies and policy-makers on the digital gap and its problematic consequences.

We call for the official recognition of the digital gap and application of concrete measures to help its eradication

How can you help:

  • You can join the campaign
  • You can write letters to policy makers in your country addressing the issue of digital divide
  • You can share campaign materials, including its Manifesto and other relevant information on this subject 
  • You can contact us or Por Ti Mujer in Spain for more information 

The campaign is available in English and Spanish

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