RadicalGirlsssthe Young Women Group of the European Network of Migrant Women




On the occasion of the 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we, the Radical Girlsss are obliged to take a strong position in the struggle and defence of the Human Rights of women and girls.

WE DENOUNCE the patriarchal violence to which we are subjected every day in its many manifestations. We denounce femicide, rape and sexual aggression, sexual exploitation, street and workplace harassment, institutional male violence, the wage gap, economic violence, among many other forms of violence that continue to threaten and condition the lives of women and girls around the world.

WE FIGHT against this system, in which violence and exploitation of women’s bodies is fully normalized, affirming that prostitution, pornography and surrogacy are exacerbated forms of violence against women that disproportionately affect migrant women and girls. We refuse to accept that the bodies, reproductive capacity and lives of young women may be for sale or rent, may be a source of entertainment, or may legitimately fuel a criminal industry.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE that women and girls around the world face a variety of harmful practices, in many cases justified by culture or religion, that perpetuate gender stereotypes, such as forced marriage or female genital mutilation. These forms of control of the life and the sexuality, especially of young women and girls, amount to violence against women and must be opposed and eliminated.

WE DEMAND States, as well as their police and judicial authorities, to renew, today and in a lasting manner, their commitment to the dignity of women and girls, their commitment to ensure that we live a life free of male violence. This commitment is, on the one hand, moral, because more than half of the population cannot be left to live under constant violence. But we want to make it clear that it is also a legal commitment, acquired through the ratification of Human Rights instruments such as the CEDAW Convention or the Istanbul Convention. Therefore, we will remain vigilant to ensure that they assume the obligation of effective implementation, and to hold them accountable when they violate our Human Rights.

Today, the RadicalGirlsss want to recognise the tireless struggle of the Feminist Movement at a global level for a world free of male violence, with special emphasis on young women and girls, who day by day assume the leadership of this struggle.