North Rhine Westphalia, 21-22 November

European Network of Migrant Women participated to a Study Visit to North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Germany. The visit was organised by European Social Fund Transnational Platform, EU-Thematic Network on Migrants and brought together ESF managing authorities, intermediate bodies and civil society organisations. The theme of the study was the role of business sector in the integration of migrants.

Four different projects/initiatives were presented to show the importance of employment involvement in labour market integration programmes:


  1. Education and employment of migrants in the health care sector, University Teaching Hospital Essen
  2. Labour market policies in NRW and initiative ‘that’s what we do’,
  3. PerMenti: Integration of qualified migrant women into the labour market
  4. Seamless labour market integration from education to vocational training and employment, Evonik & RE/init.




PerMenti Project is a mentorship program for highly educated women which is carried out through the active cooperation among four project partners, including the Grone Educational Centre, The Dortmund Forum Women and the Economy, the Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf Westfalisches Ruhrgebiet and the Equal Opportunity Office Dortmund. The project supports qualified refugee women who graduated from high school, who have completed their university education or who have had work experience, in gaining access to the labour market.

The project recruits its participants from refugee accommodation centres, German language classes, integration centres and through word of mouth. Through this initiative migrant women have the opportunity to gain insights into the work environment through targeted work placements that build upon their professional qualifications. The placements last for approximately six months. Migrant women are able to reflect upon their learning, as they are assigned mentors throughout the placement period.

learn more about PerMenti Project here: