CO-PRESIDENT: Salome Mbugua | salome[at] migrantwomennetwork.org

Native of Kenya and living in Ireland, Salome has over 20 years experience of work with women, children and youth in Africa and Ireland.  She is the founder of AkiDwA, the Migrant Women’s Network Ireland and Wezesha, an African Diaspora NGO working with women and children affected by violence and conflict in Africa. Salome is the former vice chair of the National Women Council of Ireland and currently serves as an Irish Commissioner for Human Rights. 

CO-PRESIDENT: Dr Noura Raad | noura [at] migrantwomennetwork.org

Born in Lebanon, Noura is a legal expert based in France and holds a PHD on the Status of Women in Comparative Criminal Law. She is the president of Aix-en-Provence section of Forum Femmes Méditerranée,  focusing on the flaws in the law leading to discrimination against women in the Euro-Mediterranean countries. As a militant feminist she engages in the legal advocacy for the women victims of violence. In ENOMW she works on the legal analysis to promote the rights of migrant women. She’s a member in the #RadicalGirls and the convener of our Membership group.

TREASURER: Jules Buckley

Jules is a native of Zimbabwe who came to Ireland in 2000.  Her background is in office Administration/PR/HR and she is currently working as a Marketing Executive.  She has volunteered in various NGOs with a focus on discrimination, racism, domestic violence and FGM and currently is in the Board of AkiDwa representing the organisation in ENOMW. She is very passionate about her work supporting both AkiDwa and ENOMW.

BOARD MEMBER: Spogmy Jabarkhil 

Spogmy was born in Afghanistan, grew up in Norway and is currently based in Sweden. She is the founder and director of Afghan Women Organisation, based in Gothenburg.

BOARD MEMBER: Alicia Arbid

Born in the RDC, half Lebanese and half-Belgian, Alicia Arbid is the Coordinator of the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association-Belgium. She has nine years of experience on women’s rights with specific focus on Arab women. As a militant feminist she engages in migration and sexual education issues with a feminist perspective and grassroots experience, working with local associations, creating educational tools and trainings with and for women and girls to advance equality and to improve their position both here and in the Arab countries.

BOARD MEMBER: Maria Miguel Sierra

For the last 12 years, Maria has been the director of La Voix des femmes, a migrant women organisation based in Brussels. Throughout her work Maria has gained an extensive experience in providing assistance and support to migrant women victims of domestic violence and harmful practices. She has legal background (a Law Degree and a Master in European and International Law).

BOARD MEMBER: Maria Paula Castro

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Maria Paula is an industrial engineer who moved to Valencia, Spain in 2017. She represents Por Ti Mujer Association in ENOMW and has professional and volunteering experience in the defense of human rights of Latin American migrant women and victims of gender based violence. She has carried out projects of international cooperation for development in the field of women’s empowerment and political participation. She is passionate about music, literature and social programs led by women.


Strategy & Policy Coordinator:  Anna Zobnina anna[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Born in St.Petersburg, Russia, Anna has over 10 years of experience in the area of feminist analysis of violence & discrimination against women, with focus on migrant women. She is a former Research Analyst with Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, a selected expert with European Institute for Gender Equality and currently is a member of the Executive committee of European Women’s Lobby.

Brussels Officer: Sinem Yilmaz | sinem[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Born in Turkey, Sinem is completing her PHD at Ghent University, Belgium. Her main area of expertise is economic integration of migrant women.  In the ENoMW Sinem works on the economic rights of migrant women, supports ENOMW coordinator in Brussels representation and leads the work on several EU funded projects.  She also volunteers in a number of initiatives on refugees and migrant women’s rights in Belgium.

Young Women Co-Convenor: Sodfa Daaji sodfa[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Sodfa is a 25 y.o. Tunisian-Italian abolitionist feminist activist, working across Europe and Africa. In the Network she is leading the activities on capacity building and self-organising of young women and girls, including the Network’s recently established initiative #RadicalGirlsss. Besides her role in ENOMW, Sodfa is the Co-Chair of Afrika Youth Movement (AYM), the largest Pan-African Youth-led grassroots movement, and a founder of an Italian NGO “Without Filter”. She studies political science and theology.

Young Women Co-Convenor: Adriana  S.Thiago adriana[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Adriana is a 26 y.o. Portuguese-Brazilian, based in Brussels. She has experience in migrant/refugee centres, human rights, translation and intercultural relations. She studied International Relations and has worked in the field of migration/refugees, as an activist and via organisations such as Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés and Fedasil. Passionate about women’s, migrants and indigenous rights, literature, music and art as a form of resistance, she is a Co-Convenor in the #RadicalGirlss.

Volunteer: Juliana Jiménes Ledesma

Juliana is a 25 y.o. feminist from Spain and now based in Brussels. She is a lawyer and has experience with migrant people and asylum seekers, as well as women victims of different forms of VAW. She studied law and international protection of Human Rights in Spain and acquired significant research experience in Transitional Justice and conflict-related sexual violence cases within the International Criminal Court. In ENoMW, she is doing a research on laws, definitions and case law on forced marriage and how they interact with other laws on VAW, migration and asylum in several European countries.

Volunteer: Alexandra Kusnierkiewicz

Aleksandra comes from Poland and is now based in Brussels. She holds a BA in International Relations and studied in London and Sydney. Her research interests included migration and feminist approaches to post-conflict reconstruction. She has been involved in various feminist organisations and with grassroots organising. 

Volunteer: Asha Allen 

Of Caribbean decent, UK native living in Belgium, Asha is completing her second Masters degree in European Studies: Global interactions at KU Leuven. She studied in the US and UK, specialising in civil liberties, human rights, international law and policy analysis on the EU VAWG. Asha is passionate about tackling the challenges facing migrant & refugee women, particularly those facing sexual exploitation. In ENOWM Asha is researching the escalating situation in West Africa/Italy, where women are being trafficked into sexual slavery to satisfy European demand and to fund the ongoing civil unrest in Nigeria


Maha Elkheir – Volunteer 

Sudanese by origin and born in Belgium, Maha is completing her Master in International Relations: Conflict Resolution at UCL for which she is writing a thesis about the socio-economical integration of migrant women. Maha is very passionate about art, music and travel. During her Erasmus she took an active part in various Social Erasmus Association, such as ‘Refugee Welcoming Day’. In ENOMW she is assisting our Brussels Officer, Sinem Yilmaz and working on the area of right and discrimination of Women of African Descent.

Nicoleta Ursescu – Volunteer

Born in Romania, Nicoleta is completing her Master in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies at University of London. Her thesis research will focus on the socio-economic integration of refugees in urban areas of Senegal, country in which she worked and volunteered for the past two years. Nicoleta is passionate about human rights of migrant and refugee women, women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship development and, solution on combating violence against women. In ENOWN, Nicoleta was researching on the effects of violence and discrimination on the mental health of migrant and refugee women.

Volunteer : Augusta Nannierini

Born in Rome, Augusta holds a MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from Oxford University and a BA in Philosophy from La Sapienza University. She has substantial experience in policy-related research on forced displacement, statelessness, migration and international development. She held positions at UNHCR, academia, CSOs and the private sector and has volunteered with NGOs supporting migrants and refugees in Rome and London. Half-marathon runner and lovers of travelling, she is an individual member of ENOWM, strongly committed to the cause of migrant and refugee women.

Media Officer: Pamela Palma Zapata

Pamela is a native of Chile and moved to Poland in 2011. Trained in photography and video production, Pamela worked in the media sector, engaged in news-reporting, documentary-making and photography, and human rights projects both in Latin America and Poland. She is a committed feminist, passionate about the rights of migrant women and was with ENOMW from 2014 till 2019, working on the network’s visibility and  media profile.

Volunteer: Ioanna Tsetika

Ioanna has professional and volunteering experience on issues of intercultural relations, migration and human rights as well as adult and non-formal education. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Philology from the National University of Athens and a holder of a Master’s degree in Social Discriminations, Migration & Citizenship. She is a passionate advocate of women’s rights and she has been involved in various feminist and women’s grassroots groups. She has been the founder of Multikulti.gr, a web initiative for promoting multiculturalism in the city of Athens. She is now based in Brussels where she interned with our team as Administrative Assistant.

Volunteer: Maria Bondarenko

Born in Ukraine, Maria is completing her Master in European Public Administration in Germany. Working experience in the immigration office of a German town has drawn her attention to the legal and bureaucratic struggles migrant and refugee women have to face when trying to find a new home. That’s why she is passionate about promoting equal treatment, equal rights and better integration for those women. Maria was assisting ENoMWs Brussels Officer, Sinem Yilmaz, who supports her in writing her thesis on the implementation of the Istanbul Convention in selected EU-countries.