CHAIR: Anna Zobnina –  anna[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Born in St.Petersburg, Russia, Anna has over 10 years of experience in the area of intersectional feminist analysis of violence & discrimination against women, with specific focus on migrant women, sexual exploitation and care economy. She is a former Research Analyst with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) and a selected expert with the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). In the ENOMW she works on strategic advocacy and strengthening the inclusion of migrant women voices in the EU decision-making across such areas as access to labour & justice, sexual & reproductive rights and civic participation.



VICE-CHAIR: Salome Mbugua –  smbugua[at]wezeshadada.com

Native of Kenya and living in Ireland, Salome has over 20 years experience of work with women, children and youth in Africa and Ireland.  She is the founder of AkiDwA, the Migrant Women’s Network Ireland and Wezesha, an African Diaspora organisation working with women and children affected by violence and conflict in Africa. Salome is the former vice chair of the National Women Council of Ireland and seats on HSE health intercultural strategy advisory group and Monitoring group on implementation of the National Action Plan on resolution 1325 on women in armed Conflict. Salome joined ENOMW board in 2016 and leads the network’s membership work.


BOARD MEMBER: Christine Nanlohy –  lowmcnanlohy[at]gmail.com

Christine, representing Stichting Molukse Vrouwen Raad, is born in the Netherlands to the family that migrated from the Moluccas – an islandsgroup in the eastern part of Indonesia. Christine holds bachelor  in laws at Amsterdam University and has more than 25 years of experience in the policy field of integration, migration and gender. She was the advisor of succeeding Dutch governments on issues of integration and migration, is a member of Dutch women’s council and  and participates in the Taskforces of AGE Platform Europe. Previously an active member of the Network, Christine joined the ENOMW Board in 2016



TREASURER: Teresa Buczkowska –  Teresa[at]immigrantcouncil.ie

Born in Poland, Teresa moved to Ireland in 2005. She holds a MA in Ethnography and Social Anthropology from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland and works as the Integration Team Coordinator at the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI), which she joined in 2013. Teresa and her team have been working with a range of like-minded organisations and partners to promote greater cultural, social, economic and political integration of people of migrant background living in Ireland. Delivering diverse anti-racism programs is a cornerstone of Teresa’s work. Teresa joined ENOMW Board in 2016 and is leading network’s campaigns and crowd-funding initiatives.



BOARD MEMBER: Claudia Nystrand – claudia.nystrand[at]monaliiku.fi

Claudia, born in Romania, has been living for 12 year in Finland. She is the Executive Director for Monaliiku – Sports and Culture for Multicultural Women, in Helsinki. Through her work she combines two of her biggest interests, that is sports and integration. She is the initiator and manager of a project that strives to find and implement flexible solutions for improving the health of immigrant women and for increasing their participation in different sport hobbies.  A very practical person, she believes in the right of people to migrate and in the positive impact of migration.



BOARD MEMBER: Inga Koralewska –  inga[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Born in Poland, Inga used to live in Ireland, Spain, Iceland and the UK and currently works as a researcher and teaching assistant at Jagiellonian University, where she is completeling her PhD research on the role of religion in Polish public sphere. She is a promotion specialist and fundraiser in Warsaw-based Polish Migration Forum, where she develops initiatives that lead to dialogue of people representing various cultures. Their current projects support migrant and refugee mothers, transnational families, foreigners searching for a job in Poland and foreign children in Polish schools. Inga joined ENOMW board in 2016 and  is responsible for the network’s communication and promotion.



Pamela Palma Zapata, pamela[at]migrantwomennetwork.org

Pamela is a native of Chile and moved to Poland in 2011. Trained in photography and video production, Pamela worked in the media sector, engaged in news-reporting, documentary-making and photography, and human rights projects both in Latin America and Poland. She is passionate about the rights of migrant women and has been with ENOMW since 2013, helping the network keep its media profile



Sinem Yilmaz is a Turkish-born scholar who is completing her PHD at Ghent University, Belgium. Her research concerns the economic integration of migrant women in Belgium, as compared with the Flemish and French speaking counterparts as well as the reconciliation of migrant women’s private and work life. She is also a coordinator of the Academic Network of Belgium and volunteers in a number of initiatives concerned with the integration of refugees and migrant women’s rights. In the ENoMW Sinem works on research in the area of economic integration and building bridges between academic knowledge and the NGO sector.



Wendy Okada – wendy@migrantwomennetwork.org.

Native of El Cerrito, California currently living in France, Wendy is completing her MA in History, Theory & Practices of Human Rights at the Institute of Human Rights of Lyon. Multiracial and multicultural, she is passionate about how integration theories can be transformed into concrete practices, and how organizations can meet the specific needs of migrant/refugee women. In the US Wendy had volunteered with AmeriCorps VISTA and International Rescue Committee. As of March 2017, she will contribute to the development of membership for ENOMW within the regional and local context of France, and with French grassroots and non-governmental organizations.