CO-PRESIDENT: Salome Mbugua | salome[at]

Native of Kenya and living in Ireland, Salome has over 20 years experience of work with women, children and youth in Africa and Ireland.  She is the founder of AkiDwA, the Migrant Women’s Network Ireland and Wezesha, an African Diaspora NGO working with women and children affected by violence and conflict in Africa. Salome is the former vice chair of the National Women Council of Ireland and currently serves as an Irish Commissioner for Human Rights. 

CO-PRESIDENT: Dr Noura Raad | noura [at]

Born in Lebanon, Noura is a legal expert based in France and holds a PHD on the Status of Women in Comparative Criminal Law. She is the president of Aix-en-Provence section of Forum Femmes Méditerranée,  focusing on the flaws in the law leading to discrimination against women in the Euro-Mediterranean countries. As a militant feminist she engages in the legal advocacy for the women victims of violence. In ENOMW she works on the legal analysis to promote the rights of migrant women. She’s a member in the #RadicalGirls and the convener of our Membership group.

TREASURER: Jules Buckley

Jules is a native of Zimbabwe who came to Ireland in 2000.  Her background is in office Administration/PR/HR and she is currently working as a Marketing Executive.  She has volunteered in various NGOs with a focus on discrimination, racism, domestic violence and FGM and currently is in the Board of AkiDwa representing the organisation in ENOMW. She is very passionate about her work supporting both AkiDwa and ENOMW.

BOARD MEMBER: Spogmy Jabarkhil 

Spogmy was born in Afghanistan, grew up in Norway and is currently based in Sweden. She is the founder and director of Afghan Women Organisation, based in Gothenburg.

BOARD MEMBER: Alicia Arbid

Born in the RDC, half Lebanese and half-Belgian, Alicia Arbid is the Coordinator of the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association-Belgium. She has nine years of experience on women’s rights with specific focus on Arab women. As a militant feminist she engages in migration and sexual education issues with a feminist perspective and grassroots experience, working with local associations, creating educational tools and trainings with and for women and girls to advance equality and to improve their position both here and in the Arab countries.

BOARD MEMBER: Maria Miguel Sierra

For the last 12 years, Maria has been the director of La Voix des femmes, a migrant women organisation based in Brussels. Throughout her work Maria has gained an extensive experience in providing assistance and support to migrant women victims of domestic violence and harmful practices. She has legal background (a Law Degree and a Master in European and International Law).

BOARD MEMBER: Maria Paula Castro

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Maria Paula is an industrial engineer who moved to Valencia, Spain in 2017. She represents Por Ti Mujer Association in ENOMW and has professional and volunteering experience in the defense of human rights of Latin American migrant women and victims of gender based violence. She has carried out projects of international cooperation for development in the field of women’s empowerment and political participation. She is passionate about music, literature and social programs led by women.