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Brussels, 18 December 2019 On the occasion of the International Day of Migrants, European Network of Migrant Women is inviting you to join us in commemorating the lives of migrant women and girls perished in the systemic and interpersonal male violence in Europe. DOWNLOAD PUBLICATION “Femicide is a grave and unacceptable violation of women’s and girls’ most basic human right to life. It is a leading cause of premature death of women globally. Although the rate of homicide has been on the decline across the world, the rate of femicide has remained the same, and, in some contexts, increased. According to Diana Russel who presented the term at the 1976 International Tribunal on Crimes against Women in Brussels, femicide applies to all forms of sexist killings “motivated by a sense of entitlement to or superiority over women, by pleasure or sadistic desires toward them, or by an assumption of ownership […]


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          THE STATEMENT OF   RadicalGirlsss, the Young Women Group of the European Network of Migrant Women       DOWNLOAD STATEMENT IN ENGLISH || FRENCH || ITALIAN || SPANISH || POLISH || PORTUGUESE      INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN   On the occasion of the 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we, the Radical Girlsss are obliged to take a strong position in the struggle and defence of the Human Rights of women and girls. WE DENOUNCE the patriarchal violence to which we are subjected every day in its many manifestations. We denounce femicide, rape and sexual aggression, sexual exploitation, street and workplace harassment, institutional male violence, the wage gap, economic violence, among many other forms of violence that continue to threaten and condition the lives of women and girls around the world. WE FIGHT against this system, in which violence and exploitation of women’s […]

#RadicalGirlsss Weekly: 17 April 2019

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#RadicalGirlsss #WhyRadical #RGWeekly 🔥🔥🔥 FR & ES BELOW               When asked to write the first post, we took the task with so much enthusiasm, although we weren’t convinced about the different topics of discussion. Then, we spent a couple of hours writing down sentences about prostitution, feminism, solidarity and equality, but as the words were taking form on the document, it sounded so academic and very far from our own feelings. That’s why we found ourselves deleting different sentences and writing down disconnected thoughts around anger and vulnerability. Anger, as young women are trying so hard to resist, while fighting to ensure that our existence is recognized. We resist, even when the world doesn’t notice that we exist. Vulnerability, as days pass and we find ourselves compromising our dreams, and, inevitably, our own emotions. Anger, despair, a world in which girls are not free […]


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WEBINAR DATE: 28 March 3pm CET We are taking part in the webinar “Counter Voices of migrant, including undocumented and refugee women against neo-right Populism and other threats”, organised by WIDE+ ! Webinar Description: How voices of organised migrant, including undocumented and refugee women, counter neo-right Populism and other threats: Strategies and Practices Moderator: – Jelena Hrnjak – Program manager at Atina (Serbia) Speakers: – Alyna Smith – Platform International Cooperation Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) – Anna Zobnina – European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) – Sodfa Daaji – Afrika Youth Movement / ENoMW – Jennifer Kamau – International Women Space REGISTER HERE >>


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FEMINIST FORUM, organised by European Parliament Coalition GUE/NGL BRUSSELS, 7 MARCH 2019 Noura Raad YOUNG MIGRANT WOMEN RESISTING PATRIARCHAL VIOLENCE “The topic of my speech today is about building a feminist generation, that will be a strong feminist generation. It is about the young migrant women who, like all women, are the victims of violence, linked to the fact that we still live in a world where men are in charge; a world of men’s domination. The young migrant women experience high pressure in the country of origin, and they also play a crucial role in fighting the male oppression. For this reason young women often leave the country of origin to study abroad, or to find a job, or to look for a better life, to flee men’s control. These women arrive with skills, capacity, and full of energy, and again, suddenly, are dominated by men. This is a […]


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Article originally published on 21/12/2017, by The European NGOs for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Population and Development < here > Migrant women and girls and their access to SRHR in Europe While thinking about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), Europe is praised for its leadership, however the inequities related to various SRHR aspects remain across different regions or certain groups. Read this inspiring interview with Anna Zobnina of the European Network of Migrant Women who shared with us the struggles faced by migrant women in the European continent and concrete recommendations related to these challenges.


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  We are pleased to take part in organising a Youth Summer Camp “Escape to Europe – Live in Europe: Final Destination Integration”  , coordinated by the Jugendakademie Walberberg, in partnership with Archive and More Scotland and Babel Italy . The camp takes place on 16-29 July in Bronheim-Walberberg and will include a range of sport, cultural and awareness raising activities aimed at establishing multi-cultural dialogue and solidarity among youth and with specific focus on the needs and rights of young women. Young migrant women, members of our network, will participate in the camp, together with our trainers. for more information contact: