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Women must not pay the price for COVID-19: Putting equality between women and men at the heart of the response to COVID-19 across Europe see statement on European Women’s Lobby website The COVID-19 crisis is disproportionately impacting women and girls who are made vulnerable by our patriarchal and neoliberal capitalist system: a system that is not working for people or the planet, and most definitely not working for women and girls. In these immensely difficult times for all people and societies in Europe and globally, the EU and its Member States must show political leadership and urgently ensure that gender-sensitive responses are implemented so that the price of these current crises is not paid by women, most especially the most marginalised. On 5 March, the European Commission launched its strategy: “A Union of equality: Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025” setting out the key priorities to put equality between women and men back at […]


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FEMINIST FORUM, organised by European Parliament Coalition GUE/NGL BRUSSELS, 7 MARCH 2019 Noura Raad YOUNG MIGRANT WOMEN RESISTING PATRIARCHAL VIOLENCE “The topic of my speech today is about building a feminist generation, that will be a strong feminist generation. It is about the young migrant women who, like all women, are the victims of violence, linked to the fact that we still live in a world where men are in charge; a world of men’s domination. The young migrant women experience high pressure in the country of origin, and they also play a crucial role in fighting the male oppression. For this reason young women often leave the country of origin to study abroad, or to find a job, or to look for a better life, to flee men’s control. These women arrive with skills, capacity, and full of energy, and again, suddenly, are dominated by men. This is a […]


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NOURA HUSSEIN HAMMAD 19 y.o. SUDAN SURVIVOR of  CHILD & FORCED MARRIAGE HONOUR BASED VIOLENCE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RAPE RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE DEFENDED HER LIFE & DIGNITY SENTENCED TO DEATH on 10 May 2018 DEATH SENTENCE OVERTURNED on 26 June 2018     Brussels, Sunday 13 May 2018 Contact: and Twitter: @Sodfadaaji @badreldins @AfrikaYM @ENOMW @EqualityNow Petitions: Avvaz &   On 10 May 2018 Sudanese court OMDURMAN KHARTOUM, governed by the Sharia Law of Sudan, issued a death sentence, by hanging, to Noura Hussein for killing the man to whom she was forcibly married while defending herself against rape and sexual abuse at his hands.  Noura Hussein was forcibly married off at the age of 16 years and was subjected to sexual and physical violence by her “husband”. In self-defense, Noura killed her “husband” after he attempted to rape her, yet again after having raped her while she was held down […]


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FEMINIST, REFUGEE, YOUNG WOMAN ACTIVIST Brussels, 29 November It is not a coincident that Mina Jaf, an Iraqi-Kurdish feminist, a refugee and a proud European resident, was awarded the prize in Youth Activism Category of 2017 Women of Europe Award. Mina is a tireless advocate for the rights of women, with the focus of her work and activism on female refugees across Europe and beyond. In 2015 she founded her NGO Women Refugee Route, to empower migrant and refugee women to access their rights and to become effective self-advocates. Based in Denmark, Mina works in Greece, Italy and other locations with high numbers of refugees. In June 2017 she was elected the Vice President of European Network of Migrant Women to become a source of inspiration and wisdom for all of our members ! The Women in Europe Awards, created by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, are […]


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  Copenhagen, 24-25 November To mark the 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender Based Violence we went to Copenhagen where, together with our Danish member Women Refugee Route (WRR), we organised a public event “Security and Tradition OR Violence against Women? Istanbul Convention and the Universal Rights of Female Migrants“. Our event also coincided with the publication of GREVIO Evaluation Report on Denmark  released on 24 November, with one of the shadow rapporteurs to the GREVIO Committee as one of the panelist.   Why Denmark?  Why Istanbul Convention?  Why Migrant Women?                   Denmark is known as one of the most progressive states in Europe. Not accidentally, the Business Insider ranks Denmark as “the second best country for women to live in”. But how accurate is this ranking and what factors do we consider when we name a place “best” for women?


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Edinburgh, 10-11 October 2017 We are extremely delighted to have been able to support and take part in the “International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies and the Status of Women” organised by our Supporting Member Women Being Project , jointly with Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh. The conference brought together participants from over 25 countries and gave them the opportunity to share and explore a range of diverse issues across several fundamental areas of women’s rights globally: justice, employment, education, health, gender stereotypes, religion and culture, as well as cross cutting patriarchal violence against women and girls. We hope to be able to take part in their event next year again ! ENJOY WATCHING RECORDED 2 DAYS OF CONFERENCE  here >>> !  FULL CONFERENCE PROGRAMME  here >>>


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      Vienna, 7-8 October 2017 We joined EWL members in the meeting of Lobby’s Administrative board  for two days of productive discussions on Feminist Economics, the dangers facing women’s organisations all over Europe with the rise of alt-right, nationalist and religious fundamentalism, strategic brainstroming and sharing of experiences with other feminist organisations.     On 7 October we also had an opportunity to join our sisters at the Lesbian March that walked through the central Vienna to reaffirm the rights of women for self defined sexuality, bodily autonomy, freedom from male violence, and opposition to racism, xenophobia and imperialism.


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The Nadia Bakhshi Award* is established by Melissa Network with the support of Refu-Aid and the European Network of Migrant Women and will be given to refugee women in order to support their education and their contribution to social change. The award is named in the honour of Nadia Bankhshi who lost her life in Serbia in December 2016. She was leading the way for her daughter and two grandchildren away from oppression, to a world where she hoped that human rights would be respected.   READ MORE …