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Germany, April 2017, THIS COLLECTION OF PRAYERS BY AFRICAN WOMEN AND GIRLS was published by our German member, Maisha African Women and it documents the intimate thoughts, hopes and difficulties of refugee women as they travel towards and in Europe. From fleeing forced marriage and FGM to difficulties in obtaining legal status in Europe, to sex-, race- and religion-stereotyping  – these are the private prayers of women and girls, looking to be understood.


Merciful God, there is a stereotype of women of my religion that seems to dominate the Western media, as weak-willed and submissive and always likely to be veiled. Some even say we do not have opinions of our own and worse, we cannot express these opinions in the presence of men. I am angry at these portrayals, as I had my own business and was never known to without an opinion, as were many other women that I knew. Please help us to be understood Merciful God, and give us the ability to counteract these false images without our arguments or discussions being seen as religious. Help others to realise Merciful God, that like women everywhere we can be different and have similar hopes, ambitions and dreams for ourselves and our families.

You can access the full collection in English and German


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On 30 March, we had a pleasure to take part in the RightsCon 2017, the world’s leading event on the future of the internet, organised by Access Now. ENOMW participated in the summit’s stream Empowering at Risk Communities, and spoke at the panel The Digital is the Political: Anti-Oppression Resistance and an Introduction to Migrant Rights for Digital Advocates facilitated by Open Media. Other speakers included The Detention Forum UK, Empower Hack, Chayn and Refugee Info.  The goal of this session was to learn more about how digital rights advocates can best amplify and support the work of human rights activists, without trampling over or diverting from the work that is already being done while learning.



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Our Swedish member The National Federation of Immigrant Women Associations was one of the organizers of seminar on prostitution during #CSW61 in New York. Seminar took place on March 15th in Church of Sweden.



  • Julie Bindel, writer, feminist, and co-founder of the law-reform group Justice for Women
  • Gail Dines, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Cherie Jimenez, Space International
  • Per-Anders Sunesson, Ambassador at Large for Combating Trafficking in Persons, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
  • Moderator: Clara Berglund, Secretary General of the Swedish Women’s Lobby



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Brussels, 7 March 2017, For immediate release:

On 8 March 2017, International Women’s Day,

Violence against women and girls: will Europe rise up in 2017?

This year’s celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, comes as a new opportunity for the European Union to take action against violence against women. The European Commission has declared 2017 the European Year of focused action to combat violence against women and girls.

A unique Coalition of more than 25 European-wide networks and NGOs dedicated to social justice and equality, the European Coalition to end violence against women and girls calls on the EU decision-makers to mark International Women’s Day with concrete actions.



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Migrant feminist organisations and members of ENoMW such as Akidwa, Immigrant Council of Ireland, Doras Luimni welcome this new law, which they campaigned for in the last 8 years.
95% of women in prostitution are vulnerable migrants, and deserve to be exempt from penalties. Ireland follows a string of countries that adopted the Nordic model, such as Sweden, Norway and France, where sellers of sex are exempt but the buyers prosecuted.

Read the Full Statement of Turn Off the Red Light Campaign

Read about the Nordic Model on Prostitution

Libya: EU Focus on anti-smuggling will expose people to ill-treatment and arbitrary detention

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22 February

European Network of Migrant Women joins over 70 organisations in a letter sent to EU heads of state and EU policymakers expressing concern about proposed EU cooperation with Libya

The decision to transfer the responsibility for managing migratory movements along the central Mediterranean route to Libya will neither reduce human rights abuses, nor end smuggling. Instead, it will significantly increase harm and suffering.


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EUROPEAN NETWORK OF MIGRANT WOMEN (ENOMW) is the only Europe-wide feminist umbrella organisation that directly represents the opinion of migrant & refugee women & girls at the European and International level. Our diverse membership includes the women of Arab, African, Asian, Latin American and Eastern European descent and extends to over 40 migrant women grass-root and advocacy groups in 20 European countries.