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Narrowing the gap between rhetoric and practice to protect women and girls from violence at the core of the 3rd Workshop held in Madrid, Spain on the 3 July European Network of Migrant Women participated in the 3rd Workshop for the Empowerment of Women, organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Casa Árabe.  ENOMW’s Strategy Coordinator Anna Zobnina chaired the session “Building cross-border cooperation in protecting refugee and asylum seeking women and girls”, with the speakers from the UN WOMEN, Gender and Migration Unit, and IOM’s Human Trafficking Focal Point.


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                    On 9 July 2019, ENOMW’s Brussels Officer, Sinem Yilmaz, spoke at the EESC – European Economic and Social Committee event on Migrants’ and Refugees’ Social and Economic Inclusion, where she presented an overview of the project Smart – volunteering for female migrant. This project concerns the model of multi-sectoral cooperation – between Civil society organisations, businesses and migrant women – to facilitate the highly qualified migrant women’s access to labour market, through structured and assisted volunteering programmes.

#FreeKhachaturyanSisters !

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FREE KHACHATURYAN SISTERS ! Three Russian sisters, Krestina (19 y.o.), Angelina (18 y.o.) and Maria (17 y.o.) face up to 20 years in prison for stabbing their father to death as self-defense. Mykhail Khachaturyan. was known to be a family tyrant, an alleged drug dealer and an influential mafioso who had sexually assaulted, raped, and battered his teenage daughters for years and held them nearly captive in the house. Russian legal system, including police and social services, did not help Khachaturyan sisters, despite recurring evidence, neighbors and other family members reports who had witnessed or even themselves suffered from continuous Khachaturyan’s violence and abuse.


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ASSIST: Gender Specific Legal Assistance and Integration Support for Third Country National Female Victims of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation. ENoMW is delighted to inform that we are partnering in new innovative anti-trafficking project to assist trafficked migrant women, who are third country nationals in the EU. The project focuses on the integration of trafficked women recovering from sexual exploitation. This initiative takes into account the gender dimension of trafficking in Europe and the gender specific harms and trauma associated with trafficking for sexual exploitation.


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Unseen victims, untold stories – Why violence faced by asylum seeking and refugee women remains invisible in the European Union? Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 11:00  –  13:00COPERNICO SCIENCE14, 14b Rue de la Science, Brussels We warmly invite you on the 17th of September at 11 am, to discuss, what can be done to assure that asylum seeking women victims of gender-based violence can access their rights in the European Union. In this event we will present findings from a project titled “Co-creating a counselling method for refugee women gender-based violence victims” funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.  In the project we used innovative research methodologies to collect information on the phenomena of gender-based violence in the refugee context, and to uncover the stories of the women.

1 May 2019 Radical Girlsss Weekly: “Women never invented anything”

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                  #RadicalGirlsss #WhyRadical #RGWeekly 🔥🔥🔥 FR & ES BELOW All our lives, as girls, as young women, we have been told over and over that women never invented, women never created, women never existed. When we were girls and first started reading, books taught us that boys could do anything – explore and conquer, fight injustice, save others and themselves. The same books never showed that girls were able to do the same. They made us believe that we were supposed to wait around for a boy to come and save us. Because in books and fairytales, the only women with power are witches and we are told that witches are bad. They are destined to be ugly, mean and always alone. When we were girls and first started going to school, we looked around and all we saw were boys – […]

24 April 2019, RADICAL GIRLSSS WEEKLY: A Letter to the Young Woman I Once Was (And Still Am)

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A Letter to the Young Woman I Once Was (And Still Am)   #RadicalGirlsss #WhyRadical #RGWeekly 🔥🔥🔥 FR & ES BELOW ____________________________________________ One day, you will look back and realize that there was no shame in being angry. You will look back and realize that you were nor selfish, nor wrong to object and to speak to structures in which women, of all ages and all backgrounds, are systematically oppressed. Systematically disregarded. Systematically wounded. Systematically harmed. Systematically scarred. Systematically beaten. Systematically brutalized. Systematically raped. Systematically killed. Systematically silenced. One day, you will look back and realize that your outcries, your “no’s”, your resistance, they were fundamental for you to not engage in the same patterns of silent obedience and acquiescence. You will realize that your conscient objection had a deeper meaning: that of leaving a world behind in which girls, like the one you once were, are not systematically oppressed. […]

#RadicalGirlsss Weekly: 17 April 2019

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#RadicalGirlsss #WhyRadical #RGWeekly 🔥🔥🔥 FR & ES BELOW               When asked to write the first post, we took the task with so much enthusiasm, although we weren’t convinced about the different topics of discussion. Then, we spent a couple of hours writing down sentences about prostitution, feminism, solidarity and equality, but as the words were taking form on the document, it sounded so academic and very far from our own feelings. That’s why we found ourselves deleting different sentences and writing down disconnected thoughts around anger and vulnerability. Anger, as young women are trying so hard to resist, while fighting to ensure that our existence is recognized. We resist, even when the world doesn’t notice that we exist. Vulnerability, as days pass and we find ourselves compromising our dreams, and, inevitably, our own emotions. Anger, despair, a world in which girls are not free […]